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ASID, Principal Interior Designer

“Why save fine china only for the holidays?  Nice things should be enjoyed every day… and I do.”

I’m Steve Clifton. It all started for me at a very young age drawing Crayola houses. You know, the square block houses with the green roof, stick people looking outside and a bright yellow sun in the top right corner. Yep, that was me and my first art of Interior Design. I watched as my Mom so proudly taped them to the refrigerator, making me believe I was the next Frank Lloyd Wright. A few years later, at age 8, my Dad bought me my first drafting board from the Sears Catalogue. I began drawing serious house plans, giving them names and pricing each one of them individually. My favorite is still, “Ranch on a Slope” – $29,750.00. Yes, those were the days. I don’t think my parents really knew what would come from the great beginning they gave me.

Now here I am today, after establishing Scene One Interiors in 1982, becoming a leading award-winning design firm in the Houston area, with an excellent staff of designers, and a luxury showroom in The Houston Design Center.

I’ve seen trends come and go since the 80’s, but quality workmanship in the projects is the constant. I believe every home is the client’s personal show place and it should reflect just that — their personality. From day one, the experience should be fun with everyone involved in the project and the process revolves around your needs and desires.

So, let’s have fun doing what we at Scene One do best…designing your dreams.

Our Team


ASID, Interior Designer

“Eclectic is not a dirty word. It’s an art form.”

I’m Kenneth Kelly, and I’ve been proud to call Scene One Interiors my home-swank-home since 1995. I have a BS in Interior Design from Lambuth University and a resume loaded with retail furniture and showroom design experience. But I’m also an artist. I love working in oil, acrylic, pen and ink.

Little wonder that my personal style tends toward the eclectic. I enjoy mixing antiques with modern to achieve a unique balance. The challenge is to utilize the elements and principles of design to make everything work together organically for that “effortlessly beautiful” aesthetic people that makes folks marvel.


Interior Designer, Allied Member ASID

“There’s no place like home.”

I’m Krissy Keckeisen – Rollins, I’ve known since I was 9 years of age, that design was my calling. I would drive my parents crazy moving furniture around, not only in my own room but many rooms throughout the house. Some kids re-arrange their Barbie dream houses but I felt —- why start small.

After sitting in numerous meetings with my parents and their Interior Designer, I was even more convinced. I tried to watch patiently and sit in silence, but as part of a big traditional Italian family, you know you better put in your two cents. Sticking with tradition, I did just that. I’m sure it was a bit annoying, but looking back it was me making my marks of what would soon become my destiny.

I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and a Construction Engineering Degree. After graduation, I found myself coming right back home and was able to obtain a job for none other than with my parent’s interior designer, Steve Clifton.

I spent 8 years being part of the family of designers at Scene One.

Just as when I was young and loved moving furniture around, I also had a desire to transform my career. So after those first 8 years, I decided to go into Commercial Design. I spent 15 years working on this side of the business and enjoyed growing my depth of knowledge in this sector. During this time I also had 2 daughters which of course are the love of my life.

I took a step back and realized what I loved and missed was the residential design and returned to the Scene One family. My passion is getting to know the family dynamics of every client. Learning their personalities and how they live, helping them to create the environment of what they call ‘Home’. As we all know, there is no place like home.


Interior Architect / Designer, Allied Member ASID

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”

I’m Laura Baxter, the posh one with the British accent, who keeps our standards (and my heels) high.

I started out as a Landscape Architect but realized when I moved to Houston that it was a great deal more comfortable being inside than out… so I expanded my repertoire of designing Exterior spaces to the Interior, by undertaking my third degree. Shortly after graduating from the Art Institute of Houston with a Bachelor’s of Interior Design, I joined the Scene One team in 2020.

Living around the world and traveling internationally has given me great insight and respect for diverse cultures, people and outlooks. That helps me to understand and be respectful of our extensive client base, especially with Houston being a melting pot for different nationalities. I worked initially in the commercial sector but realized I enjoyed working closely with clients, to bring their dreams of a beautiful, elegant residential space to life.

The challenges of raising a first-generation family without an extended support network has taught me patience and the need for organization. I kickbox, run daily, and work out like a demon, teaching me the power of self-discipline and the value of good health. My relentless drive for perfection can be challenging to both my colleagues and myself, but ultimately, serves to deliver a quality product to our clients.

Our Team


Interior Designer, Allied Member ASID

You can never go wrong with the right fabric.”

I’m Amber Bankhead and I grew up in my family’s upholstery business and worked at Saks Fifth Avenue for 12 years. I learned a lot about fabric (and patience) and even more about what makes clients happy: they want a solution that is uniquely them. So when I completed my degree in Interior Design, I came directly to Scene One Interiors, because of the firm’s ridiculously high level of client satisfaction.

As a Design Assistant, I love being in the thick of the action with this incredible creative team. Especially at the beginning of a project when it’s nothing but possibilities. And the final install? It’s just bliss.

And if we have to have a lot of fun in the process? Well that can’t be all bad.

Our Team


Office Manager

“Someone has got to keep these designers in line.”

I’m Harold Myrick and I have been doing just that. I have been proud to hang my hat with Scene One Interiors for – well let’s just say – many years. It is so much fun to be on the accounting side of the business and always witness the incredible projects these innovative designers come up with time and time again. It’s like celebrating Christmas 12 months a year as they create one new shiny package after another. Each of the designers on the team at Scene One Interiors are bright and shining stars. I am just happy I get to be part of their stardom.